101 broadway
nashville, tn 37201

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 11am-close
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-close

Halloween ’16 VIP Booths


The Best Friend: every story has one. Keep dreaming, Nancy. Our heart beats for another. Our heart beats for Barb.

The brains, the social status and that hair – she was by all accounts the total package. Barb is the friend we all wish we had, but are too “cool” to admit. When Steve Harrington and his entourage accepted Nancy among their ranks, there was no room for sweet, sweet Barb. And we all know how that one ended…

Barb was larger than life and remains with us in spirit. In a way, it’s like she never left. Gather with friends in Barb’s Memory to celebrate Acme Halloween in style. VIP Booths and GA tickets are still available for Acme Halloween.

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