101 broadway
nashville, tn 37201

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 11am-close
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-close


The roof top is the best scenic view in the city.  Enjoy cocktails on our roof in a relaxing atmosphere by day. Bring your food from the first floor to the roof for a beautiful scenic lunch or dinner. Join us for our DJ Dance party on the roof every Friday and Saturday nights.


English Bulldog – 9
Est: 2017 at Acme Feed & Seed by Erica Langford
Earl Grey-infused Prairie Gin, Lemon

Adderol Spritzer – 10
Est: 2017 at Acme Feed & Seed by Lisa Carnivos
Pickers Blood Orange Vodka, Aperol, Cava, Tropical Red Bull

Blackberry Margarita – 10
Est: 2017 at Acme Feed & Seed by Matt Buttell of Nashville Ice Lab
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Blanco Tequila, Blackberry Sour, St-Germain, Agave Nectar

Dark & Stormy – 9
Est: 1816 in Bermuda by the Goslings Family
Stolen Smoked Rum, Ginger Beer

Mule Kicker – 9
Est: 2012 at Acme Feed & Seed
Ole Smoky Lemon Drop White Lightnin’, Mello Yello, Lemonade, Cardamom, served frozen
A**KICKER: Add a shot of flavored vodka – 3